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Women of the past used to have a special place to attend to their look – a dressing room. This separate room has become very much the thing of the past and today it is usually integrated into another room, be it a bathroom or a bedroom. Nevertheless, one of its essential features has remained intact. Of course, we are talking about the vanity that keeps serving as a sentinel of female beauty.

An old adage has it that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. In the same way, the vanity is the reflection of its owner because it allows a glimpse into her tastes, preferences, lifestyle, and even the area of her professional endeavours. Like a beauty counter in a department store, it holds dozens of various bottles, jars, tubes, and vials of creams, lotions, and tinctures, powder boxes, framed pictures, hairpins, accessories, jewellery boxes, flowers, and even favourite books.

There can be no two identically looking vanities because it is not just a piece of furniture or a decor element but rather a work surface arranged according to its owner’s ideas of having a loyal ally in the art of beauty.

Interior design in every time period has been governed by fashion and vanities always had their fare share of trends to follow. At the beginning of the 20th century, a vanity called psyche was the trendiest. It was actually a cheval glass – a tall framed truck-mounted mirror. Its ability to be slanted at various angles allowed people to have a good look at themselves from different points of view.

Today’s vanities are not a throwback to a more opulent era. Manufacturers often include a vanity into a bedroom furniture set or make it a part of a set with a stool or a chair. Vanities are beautiful as well as practical and can be a real jewel of the room with their exquisite shapes and details. Each vanity has its own appeal, individuality and uniqueness. The only common trait to all of them is the presence of a large mirror, a working tabletop and an abundance of shelves and drawers for holding jars, tubes, notes, pictures, jewellery and knick-knacks. The more cubbyholes the vanity boasts, the better women like it.



Any work surface needs to be first of all convenient. Cosmetics and accessories may be hidden in the drawers and shelves except for the most indispensible that will always stay on the tabletop. Accessories arranged with ergonomics in mind assist women in the fastest and easiest way to enhance their looks. So group all the objects on the work surface in accordance to their purpose: skin products in one group, makeup in another, jewellery boxes in the third, etc., while still keeping them handy. Try not to cover the entire surface of the vanity – leave some space free for makeup application. Beauty products arranged in a convenient and easy way inspire creativity.

You may say that you are perfectly content keeping your jars and tubes in the bathroom medicine cabinet or in the drawer of your bedside table. This is true of course but such a simplistic approach may impoverish the act of making yourself beautiful into just another chore. To turn it into a veritable rite, any woman needs a real vanity.