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Countertops for the Kitchen

In the kitchen, the countertop can highlight the interior’s originality and creativity. However, it can also do the opposite – mute the tone and bring dissonance to the harmony of the interior. The countertop must handle a whole assembly of tasks and as such, the surface should be made of a material that is easy to clean. Qualities such as longevity and hygiene are of upmost importance. Another significant factor is the price of the countertop. The aesthetic and quality of the countertop greatly affect the cost of the furniture. A correctly chosen countertop makes the interior original, comfortable, and functional. To achieve this purpose, it does not necessarily have to be very expensive or super exclusive.

Factors to Consider when Buying
a Countertop

When choosing a countertop, it is important to take into account several nuances that will affect the price, quality of the make, and its harmony with other elements in the kitchen. The material that it is made of, quality, size, form, thickness, color range, and how it will fit in with the design of the interior are all important aspects you have to consider.

The Material of
the Countertop

When considering your options, pay attention to the material that the countertop is made of. The prices of two countertops made of the same material can be substantially different – depending on the quality and the producer.

If choosing particleboard and MDF, you can arrive at a budget-friendly solution. Particleboard provides a wide range of options when it comes to style, form, and colour. This is achieved due to the laminated surface. As a result, it becomes damp proof, easy to care for thanks to specialized membranes, and suitable for an assortment of options:  wood, stone, or tile. The only drawback of these surfaces is the fact that they are susceptible to scratches. If they occur, water can fill them and the tile will swell. A safer and ecological option would be a surface made of MDF. However, this material consequently costs more.

Stainless steel has countless advantages; thus, it is considered to be quite an expensive material. The cost depends not only on the thickness of the sheet but also on the surface – whether it is matte or mirror-like. Today you can find embossed and grooved surfaces. A countertop made from stainless steel will serve you for a long time. It is highly practical and easy to care for.

By choosing glass or acrylic, you can make your kitchen of a modern design. Durable glass tends to be expensive; however, it is very easy to clean and maintain. With modern technologies, glass is made to be very strong and reliable.

Artificial stone, analogous to the natural version, is a great economical option. It can be made to resemble marble and granite. Artificial stone looks pleasing in the interior and possesses valuable functional characteristics. Today, it is considered one of the most in-demand materials.

Natural stone is a luxurious and exclusive specimen. A wide variety of stone can be used for the countertop such as marble, granite, basalt, and sandstone. It is worth noting that this material is perpetual and requires minimal care. Further, it can withstand any challenge that comes with being in the kitchen. The most common stone countertop is that of granite tiles.


When choosing a countertop, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the colour and how it will look in your interior on the façade of kitchen drawers. Together, they should create an ensemble without disturbing the harmony of the interior’s design. The most important rule to satisfy is harmony in the interior!

Dark cabinets require a lighter countertop with a similar tone while bright cabinets will look good with darker or even black surfaces. Colourful kitchens look good with white or slightly shaded countertops. You may also want to consider the colour of the apron. They can match or contrast.

The most important factor when choosing a countertop is for you to like it. The kitchen is not just a room in the home – it is a space where the family spends quality time and hence, it should be not only stylish but also cozy.