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A Flashy Backsplash


 A functional kitchen does not need to be a bland kitchen. There are many ways to enliven this important room of your house while bringing it in line with the latest design trends. You can even do it on a budget if the expense of new cabinets and counters is too much for your purse. Besides, ceramic tiles for your backsplash don’t come cheap while paint of wallpaper you have had between your kitchen cabinets and the counter before is not very practical.


There is a great alternative to both. Glass panel backsplash has lately become trendy in both North America and Europe. Such a panel will cover the papered or painted wall protecting it from dust and dirt. You can even add an interesting touch to your kitchen decor by choosing between the transparent and matte glass and add etching for interest.


The most interesting solution though, called skinali, is to install glass over photo panels. This gives your imagination an unlimited run: you can experiment with designs, colours, and scales to create any desirable mood. For example, add colour and drive to your kitchen with pictures of bright-yellow lemons; bring comfort and calm with the depiction of modest daisies; or create a modern touch using bold geometric shapes or copies of avant-garde art. You can even turn your backsplash into a light-studded night cityscape.


These are just a few out of hundreds of uses for skinali – and it is so easy to become an interior decorator for a day and come up with your own idea. Isn’t it great?