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The Kitchen Sink


When selecting a sink for the kitchen, it is important to consider its material, shape and size. A large sink, although it may be convenient for kitchen work, may be the wrong choice for your kitchen since it is not very spacious. Do not have a “the bigger, the better” mentality.

TRY TO MATCH YOUR SINK TO YOUR KITCHEN. Buy a smaller sink if the kitchen is not big in order to balance components correctly and keep them in harmony.

BASE THE SIZE OF THE SINK ON THE DIMENSIONS OF THE WINDOW. It is customary to install a sink in a house underneath the kitchen window, especially a window with a nice view. Make sure that the sink matches the window over it; it has to be the same width. A wide sink underneath a narrow window or vice versa looks incongruous.

MAKE THE SINK THE FOCAL POINT OF YOUR KITCHEN. Since a wide sink is not easy to conceal, try the opposite approach: make it the focal point of your kitchen. For this purpose, chose a brightly coloured sink or one made of unusual material such as copper.

STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. It is so easy to fall in love with an extravagant sink, only to find out later that you cannot afford it. If your budget is limited, plan ahead by deciding where you can splurge and which objects are the best to economize upon.

CONSIDER YOUR NEEDS. A large sink with several compartments is suitable for gourmet cooks who prefer washing dishes under running water. Such a sink makes it possible for several people to work in the kitchen side by side; however, it is suitable for spacious kitchens only.

Another option for large kitchens is to install two sinks. The large one under the window is great for washing pots and pans; the smaller one, built into the kitchen island, is convenient for washing food items and for other cooking chores.

FUN SINKS. Give reign to your imagination to make your sink interesting. Consider different combinations of sinks if space permits. For instance, the two sink option aforementioned is a convenient and unique solution. The small sink in the kitchen island can be used to dump unfinished drinks or if filled with crushed ice, can replace the fridge for holding bottles during a party. The main advantage of this sink is its small size.