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Dinner is Served


People who are always happy to have company over often have a huge table in their dining room that is conducive of festive gatherings, delicious food, silver utensils, and delicate china. The table is probably the most frequently used piece of furniture in our homes; we exploit it at least once every day.

The dining tables of today often look like works of designer art. Their special features are lightness and portability. It is important – from a decorative point of view – to choose the right shape of the tabletop.

Square or rectangular tabletops are of course the most customary and popular as they are very convenient for seating. You can find tabletops of this shape in almost any material including, but not limited to, wood, metal, or glass. They often become part of designers’ dining sets because they look great with any style of seats – from classic stools to captain chairs.

Nevertheless, many people prefer round or oval dining tables that create an aura of goodwill and promote a leisurely dialog.  Whether it is a gourmet dinner accompanied by quality wine or a shared pizza with soft drinks or beer, any kind of meal seems better if it is partaken at a round table. The only problem is that a table of this shape needs more space; therefore, it is suitable for larger sized dining rooms.

Oval tabletops are considered the most capacious and can be placed in separate dining rooms or spacious kitchens. A solid base made of two double-jointed bearings can withstand even considerably sized extensions.  Chairs to use with this table are usually of a standard design, upholstered in leather or fabric.

Even though it may sometimes seem that family dinners are becoming a tradition of the past, there are certain families that remain loyal to this custom with respect to even the smallest details such as family china, table silver, several courses, intimate conversation, and the warmth of people dear to one another’s heart.