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A Showcase in the Home: Assembling a Display


­Quite recently, showcases were not wanted in the interior due to the argument that they resemble heavy “walls.” But the time of cheap minimalism has passed and beautiful materials – such as porcelain and coloured crystal – that one does not want to store in closed cupboards have come into style. Showcases themselves have also changed – now they are exquisite cabinets made of a variety of materials and an enormous colour palette.

What to put on display in the showcase?

A showcase is a universal storage space. There are perhaps two most important rules: first, the content of the showcase must coordinate with the interior and second, the items on display must not be too small or too large. This is a sort of pedestal where the items must be chosen to be in harmony with the interior and themselves. For this reason, it is best to attain porcelain and coloured crystal in a colour that corresponds to your interior. By hiding books or photo albums under the glass of a showcase, you can forget about dust while the showcase will add comfort and elegance to the interior. Besides books, you can showcase photos or other decorative accessories dear to your heart. If you are a passionate collector of statuettes, model cars, or paper-mache masks, then the showcase becomes and irreplaceable article of furniture in your home. It is priceless in that it allows you to effectively display your collection while at the same time preventing it from collecting dust. This is also applicable to those who love to bring home souvenirs from foreign countries. Your “trophies” will always be visible to serve as a reminder of your adventures.

Where to display?

Tall display cabinets look effective in pairs. Place them in symmetry relative to a couch, TV zone or doorway; this will make the interior respectable. Shorter models the sizes of a chest are better placed in spacious interiors; otherwise they will lose their purpose. It is possible to view items in the chest without bending down only from a set distance.

Style and material


The showcase is a very popular element of the interior; thus, you can attain it in any material ranging from the common wood to metal and even plastic. You should not experience any difficulties in choosing a model. Of course for classic interiors, wooden showcases work best. In this case, the glass can be made in a decorative layout and interesting bevel. For more modern interiors, showcases made from only glass will look very effective. These models are often accompanied by internal lighting that makes it seem even more “lightweight.” This type of showcase is ideal for small spaces where every meter counts. Most importantly, do not use such a showcase in an interior where there are small children and always choose strained glass – this will help keep you and your relatives safe from potential injuries.