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What can a Vase be Filled With?


D­o empty vases irritate the eye? Contemplating over what you can put in a vase? Try using dry decorative flowers – they look great in glass and crystal vases. For aromatic sachets, use vases in the form of a large dish or cup whereas for a composition of branches, it is best to use a traditional flower vase. The dry decorative flowers are also great for vases made of water-fearing materials, such as wood.

A Sweet Décor 

Vases for candy are creative decorations not only for the dinner table but also for a coffee table or a stand in the lobby. This vase should not be too small (to ensure that the sweets do not end quickly), nor should it be unstable as it is usually situated in areas of common access. An ideal model would contain numerous compartments so that you can place a variety of candy or nuts.

A Vase for Fruits with Tiers

The main difference between a vase for fruit and a vase for candy is size; the vase for fruit must be large enough to contain at least four apples. Generally, the form of this type of vase is oval or round. Furthermore, the vase is often raised using one or several legs with a stand. For a holiday table, it is effective to use a vase with tiers. When filling the vase, follow the rule “heavy on the bottom, light on the top.” In other words, oranges, bananas, and pears would occupy the lower plate whereas strawberries, apricots, and prunes would occupy the top plate.


A Vase for Jam

A vase for jam greatly resembles a vase for candy; however, the main difference is not even in size but rather in the lid (so that the jam does not form a dry crust near the surface). An ideal vase would have a notch designated for a spoon.