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Decoretto - A new word in decoration
August 2012

Decoretto that’s becoming all the rage in Europe has received its name in France and is based on the familiar decoupage – a Chinese decorative technique known in the Old World since the 12th century. Basically Decoretto consists of contour-cut stickers made of environmentally safe self-adhesive film with waterproof surface.

Decoretto comes in a variety of themes including the images based on various themes including fairytales, flowers, fruits and animals, and entire compositions like landscapes and cityscapes. Its use is unlimited – from decorating walls to furniture, china, fabrics, and any other object you would fancy. Use it in any room of the house, including children's rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens; to adorn holiday events and gift packaging; wall and floor tiles; and for kids’ creative projects.

It is easy to work with Decoretto and no special skills required. Just like in the case of any sticker, remove the protective paper layer and stick the picture to the selected location. It can be applied to any smooth surface including wallpaper, painted walls, wood, tile, metal, glass, or plastic. Removing it is as easy as applying – just peel off and replace with a different design or leave the surface unadorned – Decoretto leaves no traces when peeled off any surface.

Use a piece of Decoretto separately or combine with other pieces or other decorations.

Among the numerous advantages of Decoretto is that a special protective layer makes it resistant to both light damage and moisture.

All Decoretto products come with an environmental safety certificate and thus can be used in nurseries and children’s institutions. Decoretto products come with a minimum 3-year warranty. They are easy to care for – just wipe with a damp cloth.   

Decoretto stickers are inexpensive and fun to deal with; besides its use gives a unique look to any space or element. Nevertheless let’s not forget that interior design needs a serious approach. Before buying Decoretto stickers, carefully take in your room’s and the whole home’s colour scheme. Make sure the tones of the sticker you like match those of your floor, walls, window treatments, and furniture. Another point to consider is the subject of the Decoretto piece: will it fit in with the general air and style of your dwelling?

Once all these preliminary considerations have been dealt with, go ahead and have fun. You can also use Decoretto stickers to adorn picture frames, photo albums, and boxes; change the look of your nursery furniture, or define that special corner of the room. You can create a whole composition for walls, furniture, or china adding an air of uniqueness and style.

Pay attention to the size of the Decoratto stickers you intend to use. Large compositions will look good in spacious rooms, especially on the wall seen directly from the entrance to the room. In a smaller room, though, such a piece may have an effect completely opposite to the one you intended because it will dominate the area instead of being a distinctive and attractive element of decor.