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An original ceiling

Who said that the ceiling has to be white? It is a part of the interior, like the walls or floor, and has the potential to be original and create a particular mood. However, if the task of changing the floors and repainting the walls seems quite simple, then renovating the ceiling is quite the hassle.  For this reason, the ceiling’s style should be well thought out.

The simplest and at the same time original solution for the ceiling is to make it bright. People tend to spend a great deal of time choosing wallpaper but when it comes to the ceiling, the decision is almost spontaneous: white. However, even the slightest shade of blue, yellow, or green can transform the interior. Making the ceiling too bright or glossy is unnecessary as it will require a specific set-up of the interior. On the other hand, light and gentle tones will make the interior interesting and comfortable, especially dark or small areas.

Many believe that a dark ceiling will cause the room to look smaller and creates pressure. However, this is not the case. If you pay close attention to the latest interior trends, you will notice that designers often choose dark tones for the ceiling while covering the walls in light or contrasting colours. In this case it is important to avoid using a ceiling cornice because it creates the impression that the ceiling will collapse at any moment. The ceiling can also be a silver or gold tone. Today, the trend is returning to golden ceilings. Decorators actively incorporate silver and gold in the ceiling tiles. This unique technique enables the creation of an original and sophisticated interior.

The ceiling may also be wooden. This applies not only to houses but also city apartments. The type of wood used depends on the style of the interior. A variety of designs can be applied to the ceiling ranging from the traditional rustic beams to aristocratic panels and minimalistic dyes. If making the ceiling wooden, remember that it is a good idea to choose an alternate option for the floor; for example, stone, tiles, or carpet. One type of wooden ceiling is called “caisson” which is a word rooted in the French language and translates to “box.” This design incorporates decorative square indents.

Modern technologies allow for the ceiling to be done entirely in the caisson style; however, it is surpassing to have occasional “caissons” on a white ceiling. These ceilings are often used in offices, corridors, or hotels with a middle-ages design containing a large fireplace. The rhythmic spacing of “caissons” is calming and encourages an open dialogue which can come handy in business.

Finally, another original option for the ceiling is to incorporate a tent. This type of design is perfect for romantics, dreamers, and even children. The material should be attached to the perimeter and brought together at the centre. This spot can be easily camouflaged with the use of a chandelier.