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feng shui
November 2012

Here are just a few guidelines that, according to the ancient Chinese theory of Feng Shui may help attract luck in love, family life, business, and career, multiply fame and fortune, and bring more positive life force into your home.

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi that protects a person from negative influences. How qi force moves throughout your home depends on many factors, including light, proportions, materials, sounds, and smells, with the maximum effect achieved when a few of these factors are combined.

Because light is closely associated with the fire element, its influence is extremely important. Natural light is the best while luminescent lights are not welcome in the teaching of Feng Shui because it is considered cold and dead.

Replace heavy curtains with lightweight sheers. Heavy drapery can be used in the bedroom to muffle too bright a daylight. Mirrors can serve as light diffusers. A mirror placed by the window will reflect light and send it to the dark corners of the room. Chinese people have been using octagonal mirrors to repel negative force for many centuries.

Feng Shui apologists advise to never place a light source directly overhead, be it over the dining table or the desk because the light from a single source falls on the person in a conical shape visually cutting the person in two. It is better to shift either the light source or your position.
Yellow is considered a lucky colour that brings riches. It also invigorates and inspires hope. Red stimulates and sharpens reactions; it is the symbol of life force and energy. Blue is the colour of independence. White is great in any decor as the colour of purity and freshness that integrates in itself all the colours of the wheel. Black should be either avoided altogether or used only for small accents.

The rule to avoid sitting with your back to the door has to be followed in any room. Negative life force gets into the place through the doors and windows, while positive energy leaves much the same way.

Do not place your bed opposite the door to avoid the depletion of positive life force. Do not use your bedroom as office space because two different kinds of energy will collide annihilating each other.

The kitchen and dining room tables should be shifted away from opposite the door to avoid your riches going out of the house.

As per Feng Shui, protruding corners, open shelves, and sharp objects create negative life force. Place your furniture in such a way that its corners do not point to you when you are working at your desk, relax on the sofa, or lying in your bed.

Feng Shui believers insist that furniture in rounded shapes promotes peace in the house. If your kitchen shelves are exposed use round containers for your bulk foods.

Exposed ceiling beams over the bed also create negative influence that may lead to family arguments.

Feng Shui is a lot of things: the light that falls from the window at a certain angle, a well aired-out room, a clean house, correctly painted walls, natural materials, and many other things that help positive life force circulate freely in your home.