Tall modern fireplace

June 2012

A working fireplace in the house usually becomes its focal point both visually and as a heart of the household. Therefore, decor around this important feature must reflect your take on beauty and style. Let’s talk about such important features as its facing, walls in its immediate proximity, and even the very shape of the fireplace.

Traditional Style

A fireplace always has its rightful place in a classic style interior design while the other furnishings may be either opulent or modest. An English style fireplace is not unlike a real English gentleman – not showy but obviously well-bred.

Such a fireplace will be faced in wood or stone with no unnecessary excess. The mantle and wall decor will be traditional – a large mirror, a painting, intimate lighting. Sometimes the wall can be decorated in a colour different from the other walls in the room.

For a more opulent decor of the entire space, you can choose a more ornamental fireplace area that will be closer to the traditions of a French chateau. Usually fireplaces of this type are faced in white marble and decorated with carvings and pilasters. Such a composition will draw attention to it even in a most exquisite decor. The main conditions are light walls and striking lighting that visually enhances the space making it look like a ballroom.

Neoclassical Style

This style is less demanding. While it is based on traditional elements, it does not require rigorous rules and allows eclectic details. Your fireplace may be combined with painting, murals, niches, or a podium, it may have a unique shape or open hearth – all this is quite acceptable in a neoclassical style. The dimensions of the room are not as important as they are in a classically decorated space. If you are going to use an electric fireplace, this style is much more compatible with it than the rigid English or French traditional.

Country Style

Country style fireplaces look best in a spacious house with high ceilings and bold decorating surfaces like brick or wood. The room where the fireplace is situated may be decorated like a hunting lodge or a chalet. Often, the fireplace in such a space is placed in the corner. The mantle and the wall over the fireplace could be decorated with hunting trophies, a collection of arms, or handmade wrought iron items.

Art Nouveau

The lovers of whimsical lines of this decorating style may extend it towards their fireplace. Remember that Art Nouveau is not a mass-production fare; you will need a designer to create your unique fireplace.

Minimalistic Style

In fireplaces with minimal decoration the emphasis is made either on their shape or on the open hearth. We cannot call it decor per se - it is more of an architectural feature. Of course, a minimalistic fireplace will look its best in minimalistic and hi-tech interiors.

Faux Fireplace

When certain conditions of your living space do not allow for a real fireplace, you can purchase a fireplace front and decorate it in the style of your dreams. Inside the hearth, you can place candles, vases, a wood pile, or inserts in any decorative material, like glass or mirror.