Universal Stretch Ceiling

July 2012

Stretch ceilings are considered a new technology in the construction, decoration and renovation industry. Having historical roots in ancient Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, it is the ultimate ceiling solution!

Universal Stretch Ceilings is a Canadian company, based in Toronto, specializing in the manufacturing and installation of unique stretch ceiling products throughout Canada and the US. Our signature is exceptional quality of product and service to our clients, combined with knowledge, skills and outstanding results in contemporary and traditional interiors. Stretch Ceilings (both technology and product) was created mainly as a solution for damaged ceilings. Today, it is the most versatile, practical and stunning solution for ‘ceiling’ interior design and is used in the creation of decorative ‘wall’ coverings as well. It saves energy by acting as insulation for the heat or cold, prevents condensation by creating an air lock buffer within the structure and, of course, there is no need to paint the ceiling ever again.

Drywall or stucco ceilings can be difficult to install or repair, the paint fades and peels and is messy during renovation because of the dust it creates. There is also a long downtime during installation or re-installation. Generally, there is a lack of originality in using stucco, and such ceilings appear aesthetically plain and bare. Furthermore, drywall is prone to water damage, cracks, discoloration, and erosion; it becomes subject to accumulation of dust and mold. If you are trying to avoid these problems use Stretch Ceilings as your ultimate ceiling solution.

Application of Stretch Ceiling

The application range of our ceilings is absolutely unlimited and can be used in any type of houses, apartments, condominiums, offices and other buildings, children rooms, and sanitary, medical and educational institutions. Our stretch ceilings are already being successfully used in both new and renovated spaces.

Some of the completed projects to date are: Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, Air Canada Centre, Remax Realty Services, Horseshoe Valley Resort, Modern Golf Arena, various restaurants, real estate companies, and many, many residential locations. Stretch ceiling can be applied in any room of your "home sweet home" Big or small, we can make your home the sweetest and most unique place in the world. So, if your dream is "living in paradise..." we will design the paradise for you and mount it right above in no time. Also, what we do for ceilings is applicable to walls as well to perfectly complete the picture!

Advantages of Stretch Ceilings

There are many advantages of stretch ceilings compared to ordinary ceiling solutions. First of all, it is an affordable custom design solution. It is the fastest way to furnish any room without prior preparation of the ceiling surface. It is an energy-saving, noise-reducing, and acoustically efficient technology. Stretch ceilings can hold up to 100 lbs. of water per square foot (in the event of leakage from above), and are resistant to chlorine and vapors. It will never fade, sag, or lose tension over time. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about mold, dust or moisture accumulating in your ceiling. Additionally, it repels odours and bacteria, which is really important to consider when choosing the product for your kitchen or your kids’ rooms. Our local status enables the most competitive prices of our products. Furthermore, our clients always achieve incredible decor results due to our ability to print images directly onto the material. Supported by lighting and illumination that we integrate with most of our projects, the stretch ceiling in your home becomes a true state of the art masterpiece!

Finally, stretch ceilings meet all Canadian and US safety requirements (i.e. fully certified for Building Permits), they are completely recyclable if discarded and are supported by Warranty and Service by our company.

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