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Does your home need

a Healthy Home Makeover?


Think about the first home you bought. Was it new or was it an older home? Chances are it wasn’t a brand-new house you had built just for you. Maybe it was, and you went and bought (or brought) all brand-new furniture or older sentimental pieces and furnished your new home. Regardless of how you did it, moving day was exciting and rightfully so. Moving day is the act of taking a house and turning it into our home.

We don’t start to think of what’s in the air we are breathing in our home until we start seeing mold growing around the windows and all the dust in the air when the sun shines in. But if you think about it, you’ve been breathing in all those toxins since move-in day. Let’s backtrack to what has caused this. 

We purchase a house. One week before move-in day, we go in and paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint. On move-in day, we lay our modern and large area rug across our brand-new living room floor and furnish the beds in our new bedrooms with fluffy and warm duvets. We throw brightly coloured pillows onto our couches and then bring in our modern appliances; the stove, refrigerator, large screen television, and coffee maker. We then install high-speed internet so that we can connect that smart TV and programmable coffee maker to our smartphones because we want convenience. We hang cherished memories of people and places we love on our freshly painted walls, and finally, we cohabitate with our pets because we love them. And when we’ve done this; when move-in day is finished, we say we’ve taken a house and turned it into a home.

But did we? Let’s revisit the story to see what perhaps is not so evident at the first telling.

We purchased a house. One week before move-in day, we went in and painted every single wall of that house with new paint - that contained VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds - some of the most dangerous molecules on the face of the earth. We laid down our dust-filled, yet large, area rug in our brand-new living room and spread a mite-ridden, yet fluffy, duvet over our beds.

We then arranged our noxious, combustible by-product-emitting, yet modern, natural gas stove in our kitchen. As if that wasn’t enough, we installed EMF-emitting modems and routers throughout the house to ensure that we remain connected to the dangers of every smart device we own.

We displayed our most cherished memories of our loved ones and the places we’ve been with them on the freshly painted walls, almost as if we were trying to cover up the horror of what we’ve just really done. And finally, we cuddle with our pets and the colourful, yet dander-filled couch pillows in completely comfortable, yet ignorant, bliss.

Brutal, isn’t it? Now that you see these flaws and horrific truths, how do you fix them? How can we make our homes into a safe and healthy environment? Healthy Home Makeovers has the solutions; we will teach you how you can create a healthy and safe environment in your home or workplace with our Healthy Home Assessments.

What’s a Healthy Home Assessment?

Our healthy home design team will visit your home or office. We’ll spend 60-90 minutes on site with you and conduct a multi-point physical inspection, test the quality of your air and water, test for electro-magnetic fields, and provide you with a report on our findings.

We’ll even give you our tools to walk through your space to see the meter readings for yourself, as we do a room by room walk through to gauge the air quality throughout your home!  Our comprehensive water testing kits allow the healthy home assessor to determine the quality of your tap water right from your kitchen sink.  We look at the total dissolved solvent (TDS), iron, pH, chlorine, hardness, precipitation, and the soap test for water clarity. Do you live near a water or cell tower?  Dirty electricity could be creating dangerous electro-magnetic fields in your home – even if you don’t have Wi-Fi.  Our EMF testing will determine whether any safeguarding options should be put in place to protect your family’s healthy.

A room by room toxin screening, where we look for sources of chemical emissions like furniture, bedding, and air vent registers, provides you with the information you need to make healthy choices for your home or office. We do a furnace healthy check and even change your furnace filter for free during our visit!

Following your Healthy Home Assessment, the results of your assessment will be recorded in an easy-to-read report on our findings. You will also be provided the solutions you need to create a healthy environment.

At Healthy Home Makeovers, all of our products warrantied and made right here in Canada.  We have the solutions you need to create a healthy home or work space.  From 5 stage whole home air purification systems and water filtration systems to organic bedding and micro surge meters, we’re here to help you create the healthiest space for your lifestyle.

When your recommended solutions are in place, we’ll reassess everything again to show you, in real time, the instant improvements to the air and water quality throughout your living space.

This year, our goal at Healthy Home Makeovers is to coach individuals and families in how to correctly regain their healthiest, natural environments. Because the home has never been where the heart is, home has always been where the healthiest heart is.

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